Pan Support

The grid pan support for your cooker is designed to provide a stable place for your pots and pans to rest while cooking.  If your current grid pan support is damaged or baking, this is the part that you need.  This is a cast iron grid pan support for the central part of your cooker, and simply needs to be swapped with your old one to get your kitchen appliance back to normal again.  Among many materials, cast iron is exceptional durable to its unique features for the pan supports.  They're heavy-duty and resilient to wear and tear.  The cast iron material is a little wider than the hardened enamel pan support, therefore they hold cookware more stable while cooking that will increase your cooking efficiency.
Why most of the pan supports made of cast iron? A proper treatment protects the pan supports from rusting, provides a non-stick surface, and reduces food interaction with the iron of the pan support. Enamel-coated cast-iron pan supports do not need seasoning as the enamel coating prevents rust in most instances.

Advantage of Pan Support

What is cast iron pan support?

Cast iron pan supports made by cast ironn whcih are exceptional durable to its unique features.   They are heavy-duty and resilient to wear and tear.   The cast iron material is a little wider than the hardened enamel pan support, therefore, they can hold cookware much more stable while cooking.

Can you re-enamel your pan supports?

Yes! You can always choose to re-enamel individual panels, hobs or switches.   Enamel range cookers and enameled pan supports – The easiest way to keep your range cooker looking like new is simply to wipe it off with warm soapy water after every use to avoid things burning on in the first place.

Can cast iron pan supports go in dishwasher?

Do not attempt to put your cast iron pan supports into your dishwasher as they may tarnish in the machine.   These liquids may cause damage to the coating.

Which one is better for cooking cast iron or wrought iron?

Cast iron is a better option when we need to cook on a high flame.   Wrought Iron gets expanded or melted when it is heavy heated.

Can cooking in cast iron raise iron levels?

Research has shown an increased level of iron in foods cooked in cast iron cookware, especially high-acid foods that encourage the leaching of iron out of the pan, like applesauce, eggs, and tomato-based recipes. The greater the acidity of the food and the longer you cook it, the more iron is transferred.

Can a pan support be used on a gas stove?

Enamel or cast-iron pan supports are an essential element for any home or commercial kitchen and have several other uses as well.   Pan supports are now available in various variants like gas and electrical. Generally, Pan Support is placed on top of gas stoves or cook hobs to hold the cookware over the flame.

What are the benefits of using cast iron pan supports?

The benefits of cast iron, is that cast iron is extremely durable and tough and is also a little wider than the hardened enamel pan supports and therefore gives your pots and pans more stability whilst cooking.