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Flexibility and cool designs

Through continuous improvement and specialized engineering, we offer the better and latest designs with high flexibility to do what the client wants from our special designs.


We maintain high quality

Our main goal is to maintain the high quality standards and win great satisfaction of our customers around the world by our engineering capability and non-stop innovation.


Unchallenging prices and returns

Our ability to offer better prices because we have three factories specialized in the iron cast production.   We welcome you to visit our facilities, see auto production lines and learn about our manufacturing.

Pan Supports & Cast Iron Pan

Each product was produced under the strict supervision of experienced workers and applied the automatic machines with homogeneous quality.  For all the cast iron pan support products, we offer reliable quality as well as competitive price for our clients.









Why the best cookware made of cast iron?
We see many antique or old fashion pans that were made of cast iron because it produces very good flavor and taste of food.  A proper seasoning can protect the cast iron cookware from rusting, provides a non-stick surface for cooking, and reduces food interaction with the cast iron cookware.  Enamel-coated cast iron pots do not need seasoning as the enamel coating already prevents rust in most instances.

Is pan support necessary?
Gas hobs pan support is necessary.  A gas hob will always come with pan supports that sits on top of the hob, allowing pans to rest directly over each burner.  A proper pan support increases the efficiency of cook and save gas or electricity.
What is enameled pan support?
Enamel pan supports are getting popular on free standing gas cookers that is on sell at present. The hardened enameled pan support are very durable and generally covered with a heat resistant coloring (usually black color) to give the cooker a better looking finish.  Because it is enameled, it can be easily cleaned following standard instructions. We recommend that you clean them with specific degreasers.  Do not wash them in the dishwasher.
Which is the best non-sticking cast iron pot?
In case you're looking for a skillet that can do countless cooking, the cast iron product is what you need.  Sensate nonstick cast iron skillet, casting deep frypan with glass lid, cast iron pots are the several types of cast iron products that you will need. The sensate enamel non-sticking cast iron frypan and cast-iron skillet are our recommended cast iron products.  It is not only eco-friendly but has a non-stick performance.
Do cast iron pot cause health problems?
Cast iron, and stainless steel are great choices for cookware and cooking utensils. Although all metals may release into food, a very small amount is minimal.  Our cast iron cookware pass various testing standards and our several professional vegetable oil production lines are safely manufactured throughout the process, without contact with any chemical substances that are harmful to the human body and can output vegetable oil products of different colors and properties.  At the same time, we also introduced rust-proof technology that improves the anti-rust performance greatly of vegetable oil products.

Why cast-iron pans always delivery even heat distribution?

Made of durable cast iron, these cast-iron pots/skillets/frypan will last a long time in your commercial kitchen. The smooth surface of the cast iron skillet allows heat to be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the food.  Our excellent vegetable-oil pre-seasoned cast iron pans are great conductors of heat, and this heat transfer gives cooked foods a great texture and flavor.
Service Standards of Yoii
Superior quality
Fast delivery and response
Competitive pricing
YOII Group Co., Ltd. is a well-known casting iron manufacturer and supplier who supplies brilliant casting cookware, BBQ grids and grates, pan-supports as well as dinning products.  The company is not only capable at designing, but also has very good grasp on modern manufacturing and sales. Founded in the year of 2007, the company entire three operation sites now-a-day covering more than 100 thousand square meters with three independent factories and her own employee.  Totally six automotive casting iron production lines and five state-of-art enamel and non-sticking coating lines enable the company to output maximum 20 million pieces of pan supports, casting pots, skillets, stove stands, BBQ grates, and two million pieces of dinning products.  The company products had been shipped to the global well-known brands, especially the American and European MNC, such as Whirlpool, Electrolux, Philips, Samsung, BOSCH, Sitram, Auchan, Target, Coles, ALdi... etc. At present, the company has a more than 100 people of experienced, skilled, and hard-working technical backbone and management team.  In additional the total employee of entire group is now larger than 700 people.  Based on the determination of “continuously to create additional VALUE to our customers", the company strives herself to co-design new products, develop new business, upmost satisfaction generation for their customers, and nonetheless, always win customers’ trusts and supports.  As a result, the company can fulfill their goal of bit-by-bit growth and progress accordingly. By nonstop innovation as well as topmost efforts, and along with the supports from our dear customers.  We were convinced, we will be able to continuously provide better off products and service in the future.
About us
Production Facilities
YOII casting iron production factories adopts 6 imported automatic production lines and selects suitable hanging and rolling polishing and baking production equipment according to different shape of the product.  We have a team of professional QA team to inspect during the entire production process from raw materials, work-blanks, polishing, baking, coating and packaging, etc., in order to ensure all the products we delivered are with 100% homogeneous quality.

Testing Equipment
We build our cutting-edge testing lab in order to ensure our product quality, we sample and test necessary criteria of all our products all the times with the following testing equipment.  We have a full spectrum of all the testing equipment as listed in below pictures.

Certificates of our products
Most our products are food-grade and we passed FDA, CA65 tests for USA market and LFGB test for Europe Market.  In another words, we had tested by SGS and Intertek.  We can coordinate to do any other test according to the customers requirement. Besides product test, our factory also passed the BSCI, SEDEX, SGS ISO and many other 3th party audits.